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If you're here, you are deeply invested in your spiritual growth and healing. The Healer Within Academy (THWA) is a transformative online healing program designed to help women accelerate their spiritual growth, cultivate self-awareness, and awaken their full healing potential.


Become the healer you are meant to be...join today!


Imagine moving through day to day life with greater ease by feeling more self-empowered, spiritually connected, physically healthy, and emotionally balanced.

Balancing and aligning your chakras is the fastest and most effective way I know to turn your life around, heal more deeply and grow spiritually. This program is a deep dive into Chakra healing and so much more.

"Where to begin...I am more confident in my personal and professional life. I have definite goals regarding helping others heal and feel competent to do that. I have become “unstuck.” Andrea is the kind of instructor that each of us needs. She shows the way and teaches us to think rather than telling us what to think. That she has also “done the work” is evident in each lesson, each session, and each interaction whether through the live sessions or responses on social media."

L. Diane Tarner, West Newfield, ME
This Little Light Reiki, LLC

Is The Academy Right For You?

Do you find yourself nodding yes to any of these questions....

  • Have you struggled to overcome blocks, let go of that which holds you down, or visualize your future with clarity and optimism?
  • Do you wish you could stop dwelling on situations of the past or worrying about future ones?
  •  Do you need the right tools and resources to help you stay committed to your personal and spiritual growth?
  • Would you like to increase your confidence in both healing yourself, as well as others?
  • Have you healed from (or are currently healing from) trauma, pain or illness and have learned through your experience how you can help others? 
  • Do you want to develop a deeper spiritual connection and feel a greater sense of happiness, peace and purpose in your life?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, it could be time to commit yourself to a proven process and achieve inner-peace on a path towards true healing. 

After all my personal experiences, hardships, and success...

  • I knew it would be helpful to share what I've gained in one place for women just like yourself who need focus, guidance, and support. 
  • That's exactly when I came up with the idea of creating The Healer Within Academy...I wanted to create a one-of-a kind program in which women could become part of an intimate community to not only heal, but also turn their lives around and experience a deeper spiritual connection. 
  • This isn’t a program where you’ll simply sit back and learn a bunch of theory. It’s an interactive experience designed to help you heal more deeply, so you can live life to your fullest potential.

"The biggest benefit of THWA for me was practicing the daily SPIRIT plan to start each day. This has helped anchor me and get in touch with my Higher self. It gives me a great jump start to the day as I embrace my inner child and practice loving myself in a more positive way. Andrea has walked the walk and understands how to transform energy and empowers other to do the same."

Irene Hilbert, Windsor, CT
Irene’s Traveling Palette

The Academy is an 8-Month immersion into greater self-awareness that provides you with everything you need, including...

  • Focus
  • Strategy
  • Organization
  • Accountability
  • Healing

"I love being me. I am so much more at peace with myself and my circumstances. There are signs all over that I have all the help I need. My family members have noticed.The academy has been a way for me to make time to work on myself. I loved the continuity and the way it flowed. I could feel the support and compassion. There is joy and love coming though. I really feel the whole academy came through from the Divine sources. It was just the way it was meant to be!"

Shelly Ranney, East Hartford, CT
Reiki Master

What Sets The Healer Within Academy Apart?

Whether you're new to the process of spiritual growth and self-realization, or you’re advanced seeker, you will receive everything you need to accelerate your healing, deepen your spiritual connection and cultivate the confidence to heal yourself and others.

Distant Reiki Healing

You will receive monthly Reiki sessions by Andrea. She works with the Highest Lightarian Reiki energies to support healing on all levels. 

Chakra Balancing

Each month you will focus on clearing, healing and activating a different chakra using specific tools and techniques. 

Guided Healing Meditations

You will receive 8 guided meditations recorded by Andrea to align your chakras, heal your inner child and connect with your Higher self. 

Inner Child Healing

You will be guided to reconnect with your inner child to safely heal memories and experiences that are holding you back.  

Crystals and Gemstones

You will receive suggestions for which crystals to work with and how to use them for healing specific chakras and for manifesting your desires. 

Angelic Healing & Guidance

You will receive monthly Angel card readings by Andrea, as well as  specific prayers and strategies for connecting with Archangels. 

"Since completing the Academy, I have experienced healing on much deeper levels, and I feel calmer, more aware. "

Rosemary Ciotto
San Diego, CA

How is the Academy organized?

Module 01

  • Develop daily rituals for healing & spiritual growth.
  • Receive ideas and suggestions for setting up a Sacred Space.
  • Create personalized affirmations and visual image cards. 
  • Receive sample daily schedules, checklists and calendars to support your daily practice.  

Module 02

  • Heal trauma, distress, or difficulty you had between conception and the age of 7. 
  • Work with your Inner Child to heal limiting beliefs so you can attract and maintain financial abundance. 
  • Connect with the Archangels Ariel and Michael to release past memories and experiences holding you back. 
  • Heal and clear your Root Chakra to feel more secure, supported and courageous. 

Module 03

  • Heal trauma, distress or difficulty you had between the age of 7 and 14.
  • Work with your Inner Child to heal limiting beliefs so you can fulfill your life purpose. 
  • Connect with the Archangel Gabriel to release past memories blocking your creative expression. 
  • Heal and clear your Sacral Chakra to have a more balanced lifestyle focused on an abundance of creativity and ideas.  

Module 04

  • Heal trauma, distress or difficulty you had between the age of 14 and 21.
  • Work with your Inner Child to improve your health, particularly digestion. 
  • Connect with the Archangel Uriel to cultivate your inner power. 
  • Heal and clear your Solar Plexus Chakra so can you act confidently and make choices that align with your values.

Module 05

  • Heal trauma, distress or difficulty you had between the age of 21 and 28.
  • Work with your Inner Child to let go of anger and forgive yourself and others. 
  • Connect with the Archangels Raphael and Chamuel to become more loving and lovable. 
  • Heal and clear your Heart Chakra so you will become more warm, loving, generous, inviting, and kind.  

Module 06

  • Heal your fear of public speaking and increase the ability to express yourself clearly and confidently. 
  • Connect with your Higher Self to receive spiritual guidance to support your Divine purpose. 
  • Connect with the Archangel Gabriel to clear away confusion and receive the wisdom you need to make good decisions.
  • Heal and clear your Throat Chakra to assist with truthful and honest expression.

Module 07

  • Activate and develop your intuition and learn to use discernment.
  • Heal, clear and balance your Third-Eye Chakra.
  • Learn how to make choices based on your highest and greatest good. 
  • Connect with Metatron and Archangel Raziel for spiritual wisdom and insight. 

Module 08

  • Clear, heal and open your Crown Chakra.
  • Develop inner strength to pursue your Divine Purpose in this lifetime.
  • Trust and follow Divine guidance to become healthier and more resilient. 
  • Connect with Archangels Michael and Metatron to raise your vibration.

Hear What Our Members Are Saying


Become the healer you are meant to be...join today!

You Also Receive These Bonuses:

Bonus #1

8 Live Monthly Meetings. 

Bonus #2

Access to the private Facebook group. 

Bonus #3

Live Q & A sessions with Andrea. 

Receive a Certificate of Completion

Once you've completed all of the lessons in the Academy, you will receive a certificate of completion that will represent your commitment to your healing, spiritual growth, and personal transformation. 


+ 2 Special Bonuses (for a limited time)

Receive access to 2 brand new mini-courses valued at $149 each.

Mother Healing Mini-Course ($149) 

Clear & heal maternal imprints you absorbed from conception to birth. Transmute negative feelings and emotions that are holding you back. We all carry imprints from our birth mother, whether you realize it or not. It's time to release the fears and limiting beliefs from your energy field that were imprinted on you and are no longer yours to carry! 


Path, Passion, & Purpose Mini-Course ($149) 

Get clear on where your unique skills and abilities lie and use them for the Highest good of all. Discover your unique energy and talents in order to effect positive change for yourself, your family, and the world. We all have distinct skills that we can utilize in service of Spirit- this course will help you uncover them. This is your divine calling. 

The Complete Program Includes:

  • 10 guided healing meditations ($120)
  • 24 Video lessons ($480)
  • 8 Intuitive Angel Readings ($520)
  • 8 Live Group Healing Sessions ($600)
  • 8 Distant Reiki Sessions ($600)
  • Dozens of PDF printables (calendars, checklists, worksheets, resource lists, etc.) ($240)


  • You have lifetime access to all of the resources and materials! 

Total Value: Over $3,000

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12 Monthly Payments


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Try Module 01- Risk Free!

I provide a 30-day money back guarantee. You can complete the entire first Module AND participate in the first Live session to see if the Academy is a good fit for you. If you decide that it's not right for you, I will refund your money- no questions asked!

+ There Are Worksheets to Support Each Module

I've made it easy for you to stay focused on your healing goals instead of spending all of your time searching for strategies and resources. You will receive lists of affirmations, Angel prayers, worksheets, and calendars for every module. It’s all at your fingertips and organized in a systematic way.

"Through the Academy, I developed a deeper understanding and compassion for myself, always on the journey. The thing I enjoyed the most was having the time to look at each chakra and spend a month working through the modules. There was adequate time with specific tips and strategies. I love Andrea's teaching style, enthusiasm and uplifting messages. I would not change anything about this Academy. It was perfect!"

Jennifer Garver, Waynesboro, PA
Reiki Master Teacher

"I have developed a daily practice, self reflection, and a feeling of genuine gratitude instead of feeling a lack. I now focus on my intentions rather than what others wanted me to do. Andrea’s support is what made this Academy a life-changer!"

Michele Partyka
Springfield, MA

Meet Your Facilitator

Andrea holds a Master’s degree in education; is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), Lightarian Reiki Master, and certified transformational coach.  She is the founder and facilitator of The Healer Within Academy.  Andrea believes Reiki was the catalyst that helped her overcome fibromyalgia and achieve health, happiness, and inner peace. Andrea resides in Rhode Island with her husband. She offers remote sessions and online programs to clients all over the world. 


"Amazing! is the best word to explain my life now. I didn’t think for one moment that I could ever complete this academy but it was the polar opposite. The material and support in this Academy was superior to say the least and I looked for to each and every module. Then came the ah-ha moment I began to realize I was sleeping better, my pain had decreased and I knew at that moment this was for me!"

Barbara-Ann Mercer
Newfoundland, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The Academy is designed for you to focus on one Module per month for 8 months. The lessons themselves are no longer than 2-3 hours per module. So, you can take it at your own pace and set time aside to work on the lessons and listen to the meditations when it is most convenient for you. If you get behind, no worries! You have lifetime access to all materials and can complete the lessons any time. 

THWA is much more than just an online course. This is an immersive guidance system and group coaching program all in one. You are not given the content and left to figure it out all on your own. You will receive monthly support from Andrea during live group meetings and Q&A sessions. You also have ongoing support from the other members within the member area and private Facebook group. 

No. This program is designed for advanced seekers as well as those who are just beginning their journey of healing and spiritual growth. However, many women who join the Academy are interested Reiki, or other forms of energy healing, connecting with Angels and the spiritual realms, and desire to find more harmony within their mind, body, spirit and emotions. Others are brand new to these concepts, but have an interest in learning more! 

You have 30 days to request a refund and cancel your membership. You can try out the first module to see if it is a good fit for you. If you decide that it's not right for you, just email me within 30 days and you will receive a full refund. 

As long as you have a computer and/or tablet that can play video with sound, you are all set! The member's area is very easy to navigate. Once you register, you will receive a link to login with a private password. You can access the materials anytime, anywhere (beginning October 1st)! The guided meditations are offered in both MP4 and MP3 formats. So, you can download them and listen on any device. We also use Zoom video for the monthly sessions. It is very easy to set up following the steps on the link you receive. You can choose to use video or call in by phone for these meetings. There are also worksheets and printable handouts that you will need for each Module. You can download these PDF documents and print them at home, or simply send them to a printing store such, as Staples, Office Depot or Kinkos, etc. if you do not have a printer at home. 

Yes! Once you become a member, you are a member for life! You will always have access to each module, all of the materials and to the private member area for as long as the program exists. 

"The structure of the Academy really helped to keep me focused on the task at hand. I have a problem with 'spiritual window shopping' as I'm attracted to lots of different things. Andrea is amazing, it's easy to tell she has put her heart and soul into this. I loved her teaching style, she is very easy to understand."

Michele Fritz
Reiki Master

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Pricing Options


One Time Payment



12 Monthly Payments


Are you ready to cultivate the courage & confidence to become the healer you ARE meant to be? I'll be here to support you every step of the way to ensure your success!


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