THWA is designed to accelerate your healing and spiritual growth in progressive steps of transformation for your Whole Self.

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Hear what others are saying...

" Since completing the Academy, I have experienced healing on much deeper levels, and I feel calmer, more aware." - Rosemary C.

" The biggest benefit of THWA for me was practicing the daily SPIRIT plan to start each day. This has helped anchor me and get in touch with my Higher self. It gives me a great jump start to the day as I embrace my inner child and practice loving myself in a more positive way. Andrea has walked the walk and understands how to transform energy and empowers other to do the same" - Irene, H. 

"Amazing! is the best word to explain my life now. I did't think for one moment that I could ever complete this academy but it was the polar opposite, the material and support in this Academy was superior to say the least and I looked for to each and every module...Then came the ah-ha moment I began to realize I was sleeping better, my pain had decreased and I knew at that moment this was for me!" - Barbara-Ann M. 

"Where to begin...I am confident in my personal and professional life. I have definite goals regarding helping others heal and feel competent to do that. I have become “unstuck.” I have forgiven someone who I wouldn’t have thought possible. Staying in my own lane is much easier now as I’ve found my peace. Andrea is the kind of instructor that each of us needs. She shows the way and teaches us to think rather than telling us what to think. That she has also “done the work” is evident in each lesson, each session, and each interaction whether through the live sessions or responses on social media." -Diane T.

"The structure of the Academy really helped to keep me focused on the task at hand. I have a problem with 'spiritual window shopping' as I'm attracted to lots of different things. You are amazing, it's easy to tell you have put your heart and soul into this. I loved your teaching style, you are very easy to understand." - Michele, F. 


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